Session Outline

Pressure to deliver faster, with higher quality and with resiliency in the face of constant change, is causing data professionals to rethink their data management disciplines. This session is to cover the Why, What and How questions around this topic, specifically enabling Data Management to lay a solid foundation towards Analytical needs

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the challenges and needs which trigger DataOps requirements in Data Management
  • Discover the key essential components which enable DataOps in your organization
  • Understand the Best Practices applied today and the possibilities to setup DataOps for your Data Management needs



Sidd Rajagopal – Solution Architect | Informatica


February 11 @ 10:35
10:35 — 11:45 (1h 10′)

Day 3 | 11th of February

Sidd Rajagopal – Solution Architect | Informatica