Session Outline

In the last few years, solid data warehousing (DWH) started to become a foundational streamline for all organizations who are planning to become a true data-driven entities. From the deployment perspective, organizations are always seeking flexibility through having multiple options which can adapt with continuously changing business needs. Deploying to public and private clouds with seamless and transparent user experience across both deployment topologies is becoming a crucial need. Such flexibility gives Modern Data Warehousing an edge over traditional Data Warehousing from total cost of ownership and higher ROI that reflects directly and/or indirectly to business use cases.

In this session, Ammar Fayoumi shall explain how Modern DWH and hybrid topology combined bring the best of both worlds for Data Warehousing users

Key Takeaways

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Ammar Fayoumi – Senior Technology Consultant | Cloudera

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February 10 @ 11:35
11:35 — 12:45 (1h 10′)

MEA Day 2 | 10th of February

Ammar Fayoumi – Senior Technology Consultant | Cloudera