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Manuel Brnjic – DataOps Team Lead | WALTER GROUP

Manuel is leading the DataOps Team at WALTER GROUP. In his previous roles he worked on agile software projects, where he was involved as solution architect. Now his focus is all about data. How to enable an enterprise in becoming a truly data-driven company? He quickly realized that an old-fashioned centralized data lake is not the best answer to nowadays needs. Especially for IT departments with old legacy systems, trying to get data-driven there are several cultural and organizational challanges to cope with on a continuous basis. Manuel is in charge of building a new data platform by considering the whole data life cycle. It is not just about providing a proper data lake alternative for the data science team. His team also ensures that data governance is set up appropriately across all data domains.

February 11 @ 13:10
13:10 — 13:40 (30′)

Day 3 | 11th of February

Manuel Brnjic – DataOps Team Lead | WALTER GROUP