Data2030 Summit 2021

5th Edition

8th – 11th February | Online Event

About the Summit

Data2030 Summit is an annual strategy roundtable event gathering the Data Management community in one platform to discuss ways of enabling faster Data Innovation and AI deployment across the enterprise by setting up a modern Data Management strategy and platform for the new decade. With domestic and international speakers presenting across three days, roundtable discussions and plenty of other learning and networking activities, the 2021 online summit is the place to be for all CDOs and data practitioners working with Information Management, Data Governance, Master Data Management, Data Quality, Enterprise Architecture and DataOps.

The 2021 program focuses on the most business critical Data Management challenges as well the latest methodologies, strategies and tools used by organizations to address those challenges. The program is divided in three days, each day focusing on a specific topic.

3 Days. 2 Regions. 1 Event.

For the past five years the event has served as a remarkable knowledge-sharing and networking platform for data practitioners in the Nordics. This special 2021 online edition of the event goes beyond the Nordics and extends its reach to the MEA region as well.

Streamed as two parallel stages through one platform, the delegates from both regions will have the opportunity to follow regional presentations as if on an independent event, but also have the opportunity to hear the other region presentations and network with all participants from the both regions. This setup provides personal regional insights and benefits, as well as cross regional benchmarking and networking possibilities.

Data Governance & Data Quality

Strategy and technical day focusing on ways of create an agile and modern data strategy with sustainable Governance and Data Quality as a prerequisite for enterprise grade integration of Advanced Analytics and AI – from ownership to implementation. The presentations are held in English and in duration of 30 minutes.

Cloud Enabled Modern Data Platform

Strategy and technical day focusing on how organizations can manage applications, assets and resources across traditional and multi-cloud environments in ways that deliver visibility, automation and governance. The presentations are held in English and in duration of 30 minutes.

DataOps | Master Data Management

Technical day focusing on techniques to applying agile, collaborative and user-friendly approach to building and managing Data Pipelines. The presentations are held in English and in duration of 30 minutes.

Topic related Roundtables

During the main three days event, through the event app the delegates and partners will have the opportunity to join topic related roundtable discussions moderated by experts and speakers. All roundtables are 45 min and can host in total 8 participants including the moderator. This small group setup incentivises deeper conversations and allows all participants to have an opportunity to share their thoughts on the area.

Regional Stages

The two regions, the Nordics and The Middle East region, will have a dedicated stage with a schedule based on their regional time zone. At some point of the day the two stages meet for joined presentation or roundtable discussions. Delegates attending the event can also participate or review the presentations of the other region as well network with all the participants at the summit.

Limited Edition

As with the past editions of the event, to maintain the networking and knowledge-sharing experience, the summit is limited to a maximum of 200 participants per region. Speakers and exhibitors are carefully prequalified and selected to match the current regional market challenges, and provide outstanding content and insights relevant to the participants attending. The event has been sold out way in advance, on the past 5 editions.

2021 Agenda Structure

3 Days of Keynotes, Talks, Roundtables

delivered by the best in the field of Data Management

The Data2030 Summit is envisioned as a learning and benchmarking event with roundtable discussions placed in the center of the program to ensure maximum knowledge-sharing impact and that everyone’s voice is heard. The 2021 edition is structured as a three-day online program with additional pre-event networking day.

Explore the agenda and build your own schedule based on topics and sessions you would like to attend across all stages and crash-course workshop rooms.

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Meet our speakers

Henrik Göthberg

Global Insight and Data Backbone Owner – Scania Financial Services

Susan Geuens

Regional Data Governance Steward

Ziad Doleh

Former Deputy General Manager
Electronic Government Authority of RAK

Aija Palomäki

Enterprise Solutions Architect, Information and Advanced Analytics

Ashish Haruray

Sr CoE Leader, Office of CDO

Beatrice Sablone

Chief Data Officer
Arbetsförmedlingen (Swedish Public Employment Service)

Nicola Askham

The Data Governance Coach

Kaveh Djavaherian

Head of Global Cloud & Hosting

Lars Albertsson


Girish Agarwal

Director AiLab

Martin Walker

Data Management Executive
I&DM Advisors

Yaniv Naor Nahoum

Senior Manager Master Data Management & Digital Transformation Strategist
Hugo Boss

Anders Rahm-Nilzon

Director of Cloud Center of Excellence
Volvo Group

Alex Saada

Cloud Infrastructure Architect

Ole Busk Poulsen

Data Officer

Vivek Kumar Gupta

Data Governance Lead
Emirates NBD

Mikko Muurinen

Head of Data & AI

Emre Yavuz

Manager of Advanced Analytics and Customer Data Management
Turkish Airlines

Andrea Piro

DataOps Manager
A.P. Moller – Maersk

Praneeth Gande

BI and Analytics Manager

Abel Aboh

Data Management Leader

Mark Wilson

Data Governance UK
Handelsbanken UK

Manuel Brnjic

DataOps Team Lead

Lotte Ansgaard Thomsen

Lead Big Data Engineer

Shaun Rolls

Head of Data Foundation

Minna Kärhä

Data and Analytics Lead

Daniel Tidström

Partner & Management Consultant
Data Edge

Mohamed Ashraf Ghazala

Lead Data Architect
Banque Du Caire

Martin Treder

Information Domain Owner
Boehringer Ingelheim

Data‎ ‎‎‎‎‎‎reading hub

Data governance foundation to enable proper data use: Interview with Ole Busk Poulsen
Data governance foundation to enable proper data use: Interview with Ole Busk Poulsen

Although data governance initiatives are usually started to fulfil external regulations and requirements, it’s so much more than security and compliance. It’s fundamental business hygiene that helps us do our business in an effective and efficient way. When we take into account the sensitive data that banks deal with and the highly-regulated industry, it’s expected that a lot goes into creating a sound data governance framework that would support banks’ work.

Data 2030 Summit DataOps talks you can’t miss
Data 2030 Summit DataOps talks you can’t miss

The value of data is growing in importance at a daily rate. Still many organisations still don’t have mature processes of transforming data into valuable insights to inform business decisions. Besides, as data and analytics are becoming vital business processes, data pipelines become more complex and data teams just grow in size. All of this is creating a dark vault of manually-created, non-scalable and non-reusable tools built in isolation.

Data and analytics maturity in the energy industry: Interview with Mikko Muurinen
Data and analytics maturity in the energy industry: Interview with Mikko Muurinen

Although the energy industry has been somewhat slow to catch up with the advances in data management, the course has certainly shifted. Energy sector companies are concentrated on improving their data maturity and harnessing the massive amount of data they produce. And, they are in an advantageous position to learn from the mistakes of the other early-adopter industries.

Why roundtable events give you more bang for your buck
Why roundtable events give you more bang for your buck

As safety measures are prescribing for people to avoid physical gatherings, online platforms are a vital channel for experts and attendees alike to gather in an online environment to share knowledge and participate in networking activities. We are fortunate to have technology that enables us to transcend locations and join peers from different regions to partake in an immersive knowledge-sharing experience.

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